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ORB is a female BIPOC owned local business dedicated to the development of independent and transcultural creatives, freelancers, community organizers, entrepreneurs, artists and scientists. Since its opening in Montreal’s Mile Ex in 2019, ORB has acted as a cultural hub for the Montreal creative community by offering its safe space to create, connect and exchange, as we believe space is necessary for human fulfillment. And because before culture can take the stage, it needs space to grow.

Following this first initiative, in 2020 ORB launched ORB.EXCHANGE, a digital space that uncovers and publishes stories at the intersections of art, science and wellness. Through research and independent journalism, we unearth talent, we tell the untold stories and give a voice to those who are unseen by mainstream media, despite the fact that these creatives are making culture - here and abroad - while offering alternative solutions to the challenges facing our world.

Whereas before the pandemic, Montreal's creative community already had access to limited funding resources, the pandemic has only made disparities worse - notably for artists, freelancers, and particularly for women and people of color. With that, we are hopeful that this pandemic has made the economic disparities apparent to decision-makers across all levels of government, who now realize that those whom we call the city’s creative heart, have in fact no safety net.

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