We are very pleased to showcase the work of ORB Alumni, Jay Rah.  An artist whose path continues to inspire us. Recently admitted to the Art Institute of Chicago, Joshua is an artist whose path continues to inspires us. His new show, Metal and Debris, is a follow-up to J’s recent film “Plexiglass’, and features a sculpture and a digital performance piece. Metal and Debris is a continuance of, and the digital counterpart of the SAIC Artbash installation on which JRah is working on.

In this movement based performance piece, JRah dangles from a self-designed metal structure, without touching the floor, scored with re-w ork EP ‘loosing knots’.

This concept leaves room for interpretation but clearly implies taking a forceful and welcoming approach to unfamiliarity.
[Read more about J’s journey, by visiting his essay :
« This Is Called ‘a beach and a _____’ », published in September 2020.]

Directed by Jrah
Filmed by Nicolas Tovar in collaboration.

ORB Alumni J-RAH presents Metal&Debris

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